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Our members are part of a community of like-minded parents and coaches. We supply them with quality bundled safety & compliance training and tools for their staff.

Dedicated Support

You always have a go to person as your account manager will ensure your organizations goals are continuously met. You’re guided through the process of getting your entire staff trained and certified year round.

Full Visibility

Gain full visibility to all volunteer compliance status’ for easy to tracking and management. You’ll also get immediate access to useful tools and resources for maintaining a healthy environment for youth athletes.


Yes, your account manager will take note of this and implement it into your process. We like to give you the option for your association to pre-purchase memberships or your coaches can pay during the online sing up on our site.

Absolutely! We have a sufficient amount of various courses that you will find useful for your organization. Your account rep can steer you in the right direction!

Yes. We prefer that you share your files with us as soon as possible. This allows for a smooth delivery of your data to your dashboard. We normally receive csv and excel files.

Yes, simply click on the following link to schedule a call.


You may also chat with an online representative by clicking on the chat area below.

You will be given a secure portal for you to access coach status at a glance. You are able to search, filter, print, and exports results. Your account manager will fill you in on how to manage your dashboard.


We’ll Take It From Here

We’ll guide you through our simple process of getting your coaches screened and trained. Our flexible membership packages will suit all levels of your coach/volunteer compliance and training needs.

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